The car’s paintwork is one of the vehicle’s essential components. Your car will lose its value and appeal if it is soiled by bird droppings, contaminants, tree sap, oxidation or other pollutants. A ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s paint and helps maintain its value while working as a paint protectant. Does the ceramic coatingbecome harder when subjected to cold weather? What factors affect the length of time needed for the cure? These factors will have an impact on the process of applying ceramic coatings! Find the solution to your questions in this article from So Fresh & So Clean Detailers.

Does a ceramic coating take longer to cure in cold weather?

Yes, but we must ensure that the temperature is at the right level. In no circumstance may a ceramic coating be applied if the temperature is too low. A layer applied at temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.40 degrees Celsius) will not be effective. The curing process will be slowed down, rendering the coating worthless.

How long does it take for a ceramic coating to cure completely?

Curing will take around two to three weeks. However, this time frame is variable and is determined by environmental elements like temperature and humidity. Take extra precautions during that time. The coating contains hydrophobic properties, making it less likely that water will leave stains on your clear finish. Ceramic coatingis less likely to etch than factory clear, but it is especially prone to water spots during curing and may be costly to remove.