What is a 3 stage paint correction?

There are many degrees of paint correction, and it is difficult to know which level your vehicle needs. The several procedures that go into a paint correction and the associated costs will be discussed in this article, provided by So Fresh & So Clean Detailers. So let’s get started!

What exactly is the function of a paint correction service?

Paint correction is a process that enhances the overall look of a vehicle. Paint correction performed by a professional will improve the look of your car by removing ugly imperfections and giving it a fresh new look. A paint correction service can restore your vehicle’s clear coat, giving it a sleek and glossy look, and removing scratches and other imperfections from the paint.

In addition to this benefit, paint correction will lengthen the time that a vehicle’s paint finish remains in good condition. Your factory paint will retain its luster for a more extended time, thanks to applying the sealant and the subsequent restoration process. When regular maintenance procedures follow high quality vehicle paint correction, the paintwork will last even longer.

The process of paint correction

The first step is to eliminate the critical defects.

The paint correction process begins with this step at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers. We’ll use a rotary tool or a polisher depending on how severe the flaws are. A rotary machine may remove damage like deep scratches, spider webs, and heavy swirl marks. Each machine is combined with a thick pad of foam or wool. A strong chemical is often used at this stage.

The second step is to refine the paint.

We will attempt to perfect the paint as much as possible during this stage. If this stage can be finished without any problems, the one that comes after it will be much easier to accomplish. In this stage, it is usual practice to use a dual-action polisher equipped with a medium-cut pad and either compound or polish. Concurrently, we operate on a single panel to ensure optimal positioning and compound selections. Following completing the test area and attaining the relevant findings, we will move on to the remaining panels. If the car becomes filthy during this phase, we will have to rewash it.

The final step is to add final touches.

Polishing the finish is the very last stage in the process of correcting the paint. This is done so that the gloss and accuracy of the paint may be improved. Using a finishing foam pad with fine polish and a polisher, we focus on one panel at a time as we work. After the last coat of polish has been applied, the paint is inspected to ensure no traces of polish have been left behind.

How much time should it take to correct the paint?

This is a variable answer, and there are different reasons why it may vary from 5 hours for a simple operation that only involves one step to 15 hours or more for a procedure that consists of several stages and is much more complicated. We provide various products, pads, and equipment combination options to guarantee that the job will be done the first time correctly.

The best place for a paint correction service that will restore the paint on your vehicle to its original condition is So Fresh & So Clean Detailers. We can do this by removing imperfections and blemishes. We provide a wide range of customized services to meet each customer’s needs, and we make it a point to give the highest possible quality in everything we do. Make an appointment with us right now if you’re ready to see the difference a professional detailing service can make in the appearance of your vehicle. You may reach us by phone at 239-860-9369 or by email at SoFreshSoCleanDetailers@Outlook.com. Our store is at 1495 Rail Head Blvd., Unit 13 in Naples, Florida 34110. Book your appointment today!