2023 C8 Corvette

2023 C8 Corvette

2023 C8 came in with hard water stains from a golf course sprinkler system baked into the paint.

Our team skillfully performed an acid wash, multi-stage paint correction and then proper ceramic protection with our Level 3 Ceramic Package.

Our Level 3 ceramic package is our most popular package and includes:
✅Decontamination wash
✅Engine bay cleaned
✅Full interior detailed and boutique leather conditioner / protection applied to seats
✅Multi-stage paint correction with minor spot wetsanding as needed to achieve 90%+ perfection
✅Boutique Professional Grade Ceramic Coating, Fireball Butterfly with a 7 year durability rating applied by hand on the exterior paint, trim, headlights and tail lights.
✅All exterior glass coated with double layer of Fireball Typhoon (2-3 years of protection)
✅Rims and calipers coated with double layer of Fireball Talon (2-3 year protection)

Now that this car is properly protected, this customer can drive this beauty without fear!

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