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So Fresh & So Clean Detailers provides clear bra paint protection film in Southwest Florida.  We use the industry’s top PPF by Stek, backed by a 10 year warranty, 8ml thick, and rated highest in terms of clarity and gloss.  We offer standard gloss PPF – Stek Dynoshield, matte PPF – Stek Dynomatte, and fashion film PPF made by Stek.  We standby our installation and your satisfaction is our guarantee!  Give us a call or stop by our shop to see some of our work!


Paint protection film, also known as clear bra or PPF, is the best way to protect your vehicle from rock chips, scratches, scuffs, dirt, and debris. Clear bra is an invisible polyurethane film that is wrapped around the vulnerable parts of your vehicle to provide protection from the elements, impacts and harsh conditions. We offer several coverages packages including partial and full front end film that offer different levels of protection. Each piece of film is custom cut to fit your vehicle’s specs.

Here at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers, we use industry leading film from Stek.  Dynoshield is Stek’s premium, top of the line PPF offering 8ml thick film, with unrivaled clarity and gloss and a 10 year warranty. These products are meticulously tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions around while maintaining the best possible appearance. Stek holds a standard of excellence that we adhere to. As trained & certified installers you can trust that your vehicle’s protection is in good hands. Contact our team at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers for a free quote! We also provide a range of other protection services that can be paired with PPF, including ceramic coating, and many more.



Starting at $1,095


Starting at $1,795


Starting at $2,495


Starting at $5,495

Don't see a package that fits your needs/coverage desired? Contact us for custom coverage PPF package options.

Fashion Films

Update the look of your vehicle with one of our fashion films

Untitled design

DYNOblack - Gloss

Stek's DYNOblack PPF is a fashion film designed to give your vehicle a new gloss look and provide unmatched protection from the elements.

So fresh so clean ppf tesla / Porche / BMW bike


Stek's DYNOMatte PPF is a state of the art matte finish film. With stellar protective properties and an excellent finish, your vehicle will look better and be protected longer.

So fresh so clean ppf tesla / Porche / BMW bike


Stek's DYNOcarbon PPF is a fashion film that provides an amazing carbon fiber gloss finish that can transform your vehicle with a signature look.

Many of our customers ask us why they should go with fashion PPF over vinyl?
*Fashion PPF is much thicker and more durable than vinyl. Vinyl is for style only, where fashion PPF is for style AND protection. Fashion PPF can protect your vehicle's paint from rock chips, scuffs, and scrapes in addition to changing the style!
*Vinyl film will last 2-3 years until it really starts to wear, fade, and peel. Fashion PPF has a 10 year warranty from fading, peeling, bubbling and discoloration.

Headlight Protection Films

Light Protection Film (LPF) is a Paint Protection Film that is designed to protect automotive lights including headlight, tail lights, & turn signals while providing an aesthetic upgrade to your vehicle.


Light Shade

DYNOshade is the lightest LPF option, it creates a subtle difference in appearance and protects the lenses and housing.


Medium Shade

DYNOshade is a darker option with charcoal shade for those who want a darker look.


Dark Shade

DYNOshade is the darkest LPF option creating a stealth look, this film is perfect for toning chrome housing and adding a unique look to your vehicle.


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Frequently Asked Questions about PPF

Paint Protection Film or PPF is a clear, flexible polyurethane sheet, with an adhesive backing that is installed to a vehicle’s body panels.  PPF consists of 3 layers; an adhesive backing, a TPU or PVC layer, and a top coat.

PPF protects your vehicle’s paint from chips (from rocks and other road debris), scuffs, scrapes and stains.  It is designed to be an invisible shield to protect your vehicle’s appearance and value over the long-term.

PPF is designed to protect a vehicle from impacts, scuffs, and scrapes.  Ceramic Coating is designed to protect your vehicle’s paint from stains (bird droppings, sap) as well provide a hydrophobic layer which keeps your vehicle cleaner longer and makes it much easier to maintain.

Yes!  In fact we recommend both!  If you are only getting PPF on select areas of the vehicle, adding ceramic protection to the rest of the vehicle is an excellent protection package.  If you are getting PPF on your whole vehicle, ceramic coating is an affordable way to add an additional layer of protection to the PPF to enhance the PPF’s clarity and gloss as well as extend its life.

When you go with a private installer from a reputable, local company you can see some of their prior work, read their reviews, and get to know them personally.  It is important that the PPF installer be highly skilled to achieve the highest quality installs that achieve the best possible coverage of the vehicle without compromising the longevity of the film installation.

Additionally, dealerships generally charge a high markup on their vehicle protection packages.

Factory PPF is generally made of PVC and only lasts approximately 3 years before it starts to yellow, fade and crack.  It also does not have the self-healing or scratch resistance properties of professional grade PPF.  Professional grade PPF is made up of TPU which lasts 8-12 years.  It is thicker, glossier, and more durable than factory PPF.

Stek has been in the Paint Protection Film market for over 40 years.  Their continued research, development and innovation lead the PPF market.  They are well known for quality, innovation, and DYNOseries paint protection films. Using a unique top-coat formula STEK PPF’s have phenomenal clarity and gloss, and an infused hydrophobic topcoat to keep them easy to maintain.

We are a small, family-oriented, customer-driven company.  We strive to bring you the highest quality products along with the best customer experience.  We believe in providing our customers with not only the best of outcomes, but the best experience from start to finish and beyond.  

In order to provide the best film installation in SWFL, we went as far as to bring a highly seasoned PPF installer and trainer, Drew, from Michigan to our shop as our full-time, lead PPF installer.