Not just any old auto detailer

Auto detailers are a dime a dozen in SW Florida. However, If you care for them properly they hold value much better over time. Automobiles are not cheap, they are an investment and for some, they are collectibles. Choosing a good auto detailer is important. You don’t want an untrained person cleaning your car as they may unknowingly do more harm than good. At So Fresh & So Clean Detailers, we use only the best products from reputable detailing companies. In addition, we are professionally trained and certified as advanced auto reconditioning specialists. We always keep up on the most recent products and procedures to use on all different types of vehicles from classics to foreign, sports cars, muscle cars, and even boats.

If you are looking for quality service from a professionally trained detailer, give us a call today to schedule all your auto-reconditioning needs! (Office) 239-860-9369 (Cell) 215-687-5302