How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

There are several ways to protect your paintwork. We’re discussing waxes, sealants, and paint protection film to help your vehicle’s paint appear better and survive longer.

If you are contemplating purchasing paint protection film for your vehicle, you may be curious about its durability. Thankfully, you’ve reached this page. This blog will explain more about paint protection film, including its durability.

3 Potential Benefits Of Paint Protection Film.

Here are some reasons to purchase paint protection film for your automobile.


It is Simpler to Clean Your Vehicle.

The most significant benefit of a paint protection film is that it has a topcoat, is entirely hydrophobic, and makes it easy to clean your vehicle since nothing can adhere to the paint. For example, bird droppings are cleaned with a damp towel. Similarly, a quick spray from the water hose can eliminate accumulated grime.


It Protects Your Vehicle From Harmful UV Rays

The sun constantly poses a threat to your automobile. Even in winter, most paint will be harmed by the sun’s UV rays. Your paint is drying, resulting in flaking and splitting. Paint protection film will help your paint resist the sun and other factors.

Constant exposure to a hostile environment may deteriorate the paint’s protective coating over time. However, the paint underneath will not be impacted. A 10-year warranty covers our film!


It Increases the Car’s future resale Value

A paint protection coating can increase the resale value of your vehicle should you ever decide to sell it. It is particularly relevant when calculating the trade-in value. The trade-in value of a car with a spectacular paint job might increase by thousands of dollars. Invest in paint protection film to increase the value of your automobile!


What Is The Lifetime Of Paint Protection Film?

The practical lifespan of the paint protection film is between five and seven years, depending on driving circumstances, deterioration, and maintenance practices.

In addition to the quality of the film itself, the following three factors have the greatest influence on the durability of paint protection film.


The Preparation.

Preparation for applying paint protection film is the most time-consuming and crucial phase since if it is not performed correctly, nothing else will matter.


The Application

Once the preparations have been completed, the film must be applied. It is a sophisticated and intricate process and professionals must avoid bubbles, wrinkles, and folds that would result in a bad outcome.


Environmental Factors

Although paint protection film is resistant to environmental variables such as UV radiation, road grime, and acidic bird droppings, it will ultimately degrade. Your film’s durability will depend partly on how much damage it endures.


What Can We Do To Prolong The Lifespan Of Paint Protection Film?

Do not touch the paint protection film within the first 48 hours.

The protective layer may take many days (at least 48 hours) to settle and cure. Avoid touching the film for about one week after installation. Low temperatures and high levels of humidity may hinder the curing process.


Let paint protective film cure.

Do not clean your vehicle during the film’s curing phases. It is recommended not to drive at all. It will assist in the prevention of the product failing early.


Invest in high-quality shampoos.

Avoid using low-quality car wash detergent. It may include potent compounds that deteriorate the film or dull the coating. Choose shampoos with lubricating components.


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