How long does it take to ceramic coat a new car?

ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from environmental factors and enhance the high gloss finish. An effective application of the coating plays an important role to make sure that ceramic-coated cars remain in pristine condition. Do you know how long it takes to apply a ceramic coating to your car? Let’s find out with So Fresh & So Clean Detailers in Naples, FL!

Why Should We Apply Ceramic Coating On New Cars?

There are several advantages to ceramic coating for automobiles, but the following merit special mention:

Improve the appearance of your car’s paint.

When covered with a ceramic coating, a vehicle’s paint shines much more brilliantly than standard paint. Consequently, it will increase the brilliance of the car’s paint, making it look reflective from a distance. Ceramic coatings also make it easier to remove contaminants like bird droppings and tree sap that stick to the car’s paint.

Anti-rainwater and grime.

ceramic coating can resist water due to its hydrophobic properties. When it rains, the water will bead and flow easily rather than clinging to the surface. This quality is also essential for windshields. Due to the ceramic coating, raindrops will create a stream and then quickly trickle down the glass without adhering to it, producing a lotus effect.

Protect your vehicle from UV radiation.

A vehicle is exposed to sunlight, wind, precipitation, and other environmental conditions on a daily basis. This can damage the car’s external paint by producing discoloration, cracking, and even peeling. A ceramic coating will prevent the oxidation of automobile paint and car glass by shielding them from the effects of solar UV rays and other potentially harmful conditions.

How long does it take to apply a ceramic coating?

Typically, the ceramic coating application period for automobiles is between 1 and 2 days. The exact duration will depend on several variables, including:


  • The number of layers: The more layers you apply, the longer it will take since the drying period for the coating is around one hour. After about one hour, the second coat may be applied when the previous coat is nearly completely dried.
  • Ceramic application takes longer on larger vehicles than on smaller ones.
  • Condition of the automobile: If the car’s paint is fresh and has few scratches, the coating time will be reduced. In contrast, if the vehicle is heavily damaged and its paint shows indications of fading, we should use paint correction. It will take longer to treat the scratches before applying the coating, which will also take an amount of time.

What Are The Ways To Maintain Ceramic Coating?

To extend the lifespan of ceramic-coated automobiles, we must protect the exterior’s sacrificing layer. Here are five techniques for extending the life of your ceramic coating.

Step 1: Use the Two Bucket Washing Method

The two-bucket washing method produces the best results and reduces swirl marks. Using the two-bucket method, after cleaning each car section, you wet your wash mitt in one bucket and clean it in the other.

Step 2: Wash Your Automobile

Your car should be cleaned every two weeks. Washing your vehicle will assist in preventing an excessive collection of contaminants.

Step 3: Never wash the vehicle in direct sunshine

Direct sunshine generates heat, particularly in dark vehicles. Your car should be washed in a shady location, outdoors and away from direct sunlight.

Step 4: Apply safe automobile shampoo

Always use a pH-neutral, professional vehicle shampoo that does not include wax or finish – just car shampoo. We should start from the top and work our way down, washing each component.

Step 5: Have Separate Wash Buckets and Mitts for Wheels and Lower Areas.

Brake dust and carbon deposits are fine metal shavings on tires and wheels. Washing the car’s paint using the same wash mitt on the wheels can result in many scratches.

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