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Now is the moment to increase the value of your automobile! There’s no need to look any farther than So Fresh & So Clean Detailers!

So Fresh & So Clean Detailers offers several car care services, including ceramic coating, mobile detailing, paint correction, paint protection film, window tinting, and fleet maintenance. All of these services contribute to keeping your vehicle in the best condition possible. You can visit our business in person at 1495 Rail Head Blvd., Unit 13, Naples, Florida, 34110, or call us at 239-860-9369 to make an appointment in advance.


Ceramic Coating, Mobile Detailing, Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting, and Fleet Maintenance at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers near Bonita Springs, FL

Regular vehicle maintenance is an essential responsibility that all drivers and car owners should take seriously. So Fresh & So Clean Detailers offers a wide variety of vehicle protection and maintenance services that will assist you in maintaining the showroom-quality appearance of your vehicle and upholding the long-term value of your vehicle. 

Our team just south of Bonita Springs, works tirelessly to be the ideal option you could ask for when it comes to improving your car’s look and maintaining its value. You can have faith in So Fresh & So Clean Detailers, knowing that we will not let you down.  Our shop uses top products, tested and certified to bring you the highest quality products on the market for your vehicle.  Our team is highly trained, skills and certified in all service offerings available, bringing you peace of mind that your vehicle will receive the safest and highest quality services.

When it comes to maintaining your automobile and keeping it in the best condition, you can count on So Fresh & So Clean Detailers.  

Call 239-860-9369 to get auto detailing bonita springs FL services at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers.

You can also visit us anytime at 1495 Rail Head Blvd Unit 13, Naples FL 34110.  Conveniently located less than 2 miles south of the Bonita Springs line.


Ceramic Coating at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers near Bonita Springs, FL

Ceramic coating offers a high-quality finish that enhances and protects the paint on your vehicle from damaging environmental factors, including tree sap, bird droppings, and acid rain. In addition, a ceramic coating provides the automobile’s paint with a glossy sheen that makes it shine.  Our team is highly trained and certified in the best techniques and products on the market.  Trust our team to provide you the best, warrantied protection for your ride!

Paint Correction at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers near Bonita Springs, FL

We provide paint correction to eliminate the scratches on your car’s finish that have been driving you crazy. The paint correction procedure enhances your vehicle’s paint; giving it shine and gloss while removing defects and blemishes that dull your car’s finish and appearance.

Window Tinting at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers near Bonita Springs, FL

Tinting your windows at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers, not only protects you from the sun’s harmful rays in the summer, but also keeps your vehicle cooler and your interior protected from fading and cracking.  Our Ceramic Window Tint provides backing from the skin cancer foundation to provide you the best protection for you and your car!

Paint Protection Film at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers near Bonita Springs, FL

Paint Protection Film (PPF) / Clear Bra provided by Stek brings your vehicle the highest level of protection.  Your vehicle is susceptible to chips, scuffs, scratches and other damage that reduces your vehicle’s overall appearance and value quickly!  Our virtually invisible Paint Protection Film comes back with an industry leading 10 year warranty!  Trust our team of highly trained and skilled installers to bring you the highest quality PPF installation in SWFL.  In our hands, we care about your vehicle as if it were our own.

Mobile Detailing at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers near Bonita Springs, FL

Our interior and exterior detailing services offered in Southwest Florida, is top of the line and performed by highly skilled detailers. We are ready to come to your location to provide automobile owners with the highest level of comfort and ease at your home or office.  Schedule a time for us to make your ride shine!

Fleet Maintenance at So Fresh & So Clean Detailers near Bonita Springs, FL

Using a fleet maintenance service may help you save time, which is one of the many reasons it is a good investment. If you try to maintain all the cars on your own, you may spend the whole day doing it. Suppose you delegate some areas of the management of your company to trained specialists. In that case, you will have more time to concentrate on the operations of other, more crucial aspects of the company.  Trust us to keep your fleet vehicles looking fresh on the road, allowing potential customers see your professionalism from the first look!